WIRELESS TELECOMMUNICATION SYSTEMS TESTING

                                Our company provides testing for wireless RF and microwave antenna systems. RF testing provides
verification                                         of an antenna system performance.  We have been providing this type of testing and analysis service
for ten years                                            and have many very satisfied contractors that return to us for their RF testing needs.
                          Test reports can let the operating carrier know if their transmit and receive systems are performing to
design                                                   specifications and are ready to be placed into service in their network.  The test results can also
provide the contractor                                    confidence that their customer will be satisfied with the quality of their installation.  You will
be proud to include                                            our reports in your final documents packages.

                          Below is a list of quality contractors that rely on our services:

                          American Communications
                          BCI West                                  
                          Bothwell Construction
                          Broken Arrow Communications       
                          Buchanan General Contracting
                          CBA Site Services
                          Corp. Construction Services
                          Full Signal Construction
                          Jemcom Wireless
                          L.D. Strobel Construction
                          Precision Construction
                          Premiere Constructors
                          Putnam Installations
                          Simmons Construction
                          Total Environmental Performance Services (TEPS)
                          Transceive Communications Inc. (TCI)              
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